Choose OneRetail, our cloud solution designed for retail businesses

We spend a lot of time and we continue to optimize OneRetail and help you manage your entire retail business across all channels.

We know that you’ll always have specific needs, we are able to customized what matters and keep the solution agility at the same time to ensure its reliability.


One single system

We transform your business with an end-to-end solution and single commerce cloud platform that combines ecommerce, POS and order management with back office systems


100% build on cloud

We make sure you stay reliable and take a step into the future
– 100% of users are on the same release
– 100% of users got all new aditionnal apps and upgrade features


Cool integration

Our solution is plug and play. Easy to install and compatible with most of the softwares in the market. And because we believe such a solution will become the ADN of your business, we make sure that it can integrate any new add-ons or solutions in the future. We always evolve, let’s evolve your business with us.


Our business expertise

We run projects for the past decades in South East Asia: We know what we are doing and we know how to do it.
Our dedicated team will work with you do understand your business in details and provide the customization if it’s really needed ensuring reliability and efficiency.


Simple Pricing

Free yourself from expensive and disruptive upgrades: we propose a simple princing depending of what you need. No hidden fees, no aditional costs: just a fair and simple princing, for your business size, for your usage.

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